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Ocsa S.p.A. has implemented solutions designed to ensure, for its customers protection, the safety of all transactions. SSL encryption is the highest available standard for safe transactions. Our SSL software ensures safe transactions from any browser-equipped PC, and safe transmission of customers personal data without having to download any extra software. Ocsa S.p.A. moreover takes all technical and organizational precautions in order to protect users data from interference, loss, unauthorized access, deliberate or accidental destruction, disclosure or alteration.


Ocsa S.p.A. handles all customers data according to standards set by Legislative Decree No. 196 dated 30 June 2003 ("Personal Data Protection Act"), implementing in Italy the European Union directives on the subject. In charge of data handling is Ocsa itself. For any problem, question or suggestion, please contact the officer responsible for personal data handling. The constant evolution of web technology may require occasional modifications to the above privacy statement. Ocsa S.p.A. reserves the right to make such modifications when necessary.

Ocsa S.p.A. does not use spyware, web bugs or web beacon access logs to collect personal data or other information on its service users. Ocsa S.p.A. servers record all visits to the site on log files. Log files may be used to carry out analysis or research work and for internal auditing purposes. Ocsa S.p.A. acquires information on the IP address, operating system and browser used by visitors in order to identify and solve service or technical problems, limit restricted areas access to registered users, monitor the site use and performance and record the number of visitors to Ocsa S.p.A. web pages.


The information supplied by Ocsa S.p.A. in this web site comes from inside and outside sources, and will be expanded and updated constantly and regularly. The information present on the site has the only purpose of presenting Ocsa S.p.A. and its products and services. No statement is made, nor guarantee given, implicit or explicit, that such information is complete or correct. In particular, we ask you to bear in mind that such information may not always be fully updated. Please check out therefore the information found on this site before using it in any way. If you would like to receive any further news or details on our products and services, please contact us directly.

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